Learn The Basics Of Proper Motor Oil Disposal

Changing your own oil can be a great way to save money on maintaining your vehicle. However, a huge issue that you will run into when you change your own oil is what to do with the motor oil that you remove from your cars engine. The following guide walks you through things you need to know about disposing of motor oil.

Don't Pour Oil into the Grass

Motor oil is filled with many contaminants and can ruin the soil where you live, if you pour it on the soil. The oil will be absorbed by the soil and eventually containment your water supply and the plants around your home and even the animals that eat the plants or drink the water near your home. The contaminants could leave to massive destruction around your neighborhood. If some oil is accidentally dropped onto soil, it is best to get some kitty litter or sand and pour it directly on the area right away. Till up the land a bit with a shovel to ensure that you mix the soil with the litter or sand as much as possible so that they can soak up the oil so it is not absorbed into the ground.  

Don't Pour Oil down the Drain

You should never dispose of the oil down a drain or toilet. The oil will go directly into the water supply and even though the water will be filtered, it could still cause massive issues to the environment.

Dispose of Motor Oil Properly

It is important to dispose of oil in a safe way. Most dumps and mechanics have containers that are designed for the disposal of motor oil. If you choose to dispose of the oil at a dump, look for a container that has an image of a black drop on it that has the recycling triangle image inside of it. This is the label that identifies the motor oil recycling container. The oil will then be sent off to a recycling center where it will be recycled to be reused at a later date.

If you use a drain pan that has a spout on it to collect the oil when you remove it from the car, you can take the pan to your local dump or mechanic and pour the oil from the spout into the oil container. This allows for quick and easy disposal without putting the environment at risk.

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