Boosting Sales Within Your Craft Store

If you have just become the owner of a craft store, you will want to set up the interior strategically so customers are more apt to make purchases. Presentation is key in enticing consumers to take a closer look, possible allowing you to make a sale as a result. Here are some ways you can make your wares more attractive to potential customers inside your craft store.

Show By Example

Have several sample crafts available to be viewed as customers walk around your shop. Enlist help from some of your friends to build crafts you find online or in books. Set the finished projects on shelving units among the wares you are selling. Place all the materials needed to make the craft nearby so customers can select them to place in their basket or cart easily if they want to try making the craft on their own. Print out directions for each project to place near the example so customers can grab one for themselves to follow.

Set Up Bargain Bins

Invest in some bulk bins to place in high-traffic areas inside your craft store. Use these to fill with smaller items such as beads, embroidery thread, or skeins of yarn. Switch the specials inside the bins every few weeks to keep customers coming back to see what is on sale. Place small bags near the bins so customers can fill them with several pieces of the item on sale.

Make It Colorful

Place items that have several colors on the end cap areas of your store to brighten the area and make it feel festive. Allow natural light to come inside your shop, making the colors cheery and not overpowered from artificial light. Use a lot of warm colors throughout the shop to make people feel energized rather than cool colors that make them feel somber or depressed. When making your example crafts, use this information to help boost sales as well.

Hold Workshops

Hold a hands-on craft making session once a week to get customers involved with the processes needed to construct certain crafts. Offer these workshops for free, as the customers will most likely purchase several items after they learn how to make the craft you are teaching. Encourage customers to take photographs of their finished products to give to you to hang near the display. Hold a contest for the best finished project and give the customer a gift certificate to your shop.

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