Choosing Between Different Types Of Cold Rolled Steel

After you have settled on purchasing cold rolled steel, you must then decide on the form in which you would like to purchase the steel. The form you select will be based on how you intend to use the steel and how much carbon content you need the steel to have. Different forms of steel have different levels of machinability, durability and flexibility.

Steel bars

Cold rolled steel bars have a greater carbon content than cold rolled steel sheets. As a result, sheets are easier to work with. Cold steel is the superior option for steel bars because they are stronger, straighter, have an improves surface finish and are more machinable. Square and rectangle bars are made of mild steel. It is strong and has good ductility. Ductility refers to the ability of the steel to deform when placed under stress, which is sometimes a desirable characteristic when machining.

Sheet Steel

Sheet steel is often considered commercial-quality steel. It is known for being very formable and also has a good surface finish. It is useful when construction structures that do not have to be durable. When the ridges are coated with diamonds, it is much stronger. Ridges are created by creasing the sheet steel at regular intervals. This type of steel is known for having a very good strength-to-weight ratio, making it cheaper to ship.

Steel Foil

Metal foil can be made from any type of metal. It is a material that has been rolled flat, is very flexible and often lacks strength. It is thinner than sheet steel. Stainless steel is particularly helpful because it is more resistant to corrosion. For the steel foil to work well with your rolling, annealing and slitting processes, it must be cut very precise.

Steel Plate

Steel plate is thicker than sheet steel. It is often chosen when durability is more important than the weight of the finished product. For example, steel plates are often used in the manufacturing of automobiles. It is also useful when constructing buildings that need to support a lot of weight. While heavier, steel is still an inherently environmentally-friendly building material, especially when it is recycled. More than half of steel can be recycled.

While you may notice some trade-offs with the machinablity of some forms of steel vs. others, cold-rolled steel is more machinable than hot steel overall. You'll also find it much easier to control dimensions. To learn more, contact a company like A & C Metals - Sawing