Blanket Drum Heaters Vs. Belt Drum Heaters: Their Differences And Why You Would Use One Over The Other

If your boss has sent you on an errand to find and purchase drum heaters, you may be looking at a couple of different kinds and scratching your head. Your boss probably expects you to buy either a blanket drum heater or a belt drum heater. Here are the differences between the two, why you would use one over the other and how that information can help you determine which drum heaters to buy.

Blanket Drum Heaters

As the name suggests, these drum heaters are wrapped up in a thick insulation layer that resembles a blanket. The "blanket" wraps all the way around the drum and covers it from top to bottom. When you turn on the heating elements, the heat spreads out throughout the interior of the "blanket," collecting and holding in place against the drum. If your boss is attempting to keep a liquid or a concrete mixture warm and fluid in freezing temperatures, then the blanket drum heaters are probably the ones he wants you to purchase.

Belt Drum Heaters

Belt drum heaters closely resemble a basic tool belt with wire cables in place of tool loops. The wire cables wrap all the way around and hook onto the main control panel on the opposite side. These heaters rely on conducting heat via the wire cables. The belt is wrapped around the base of the drum, and as the heater begins to heat up, it transfers that heat to the metal drum. Gradually, the heat builds and spreads upwards toward the top of the drum. If your boss is attempting to keep something fluid in summer, re-liquefy it when it has partially solidified (e.g., animal fat/lard into cooking oil), slowly heat up a drum (since this is usually a much slower heating process than a blanket heater) or just needs to warm a drum up a little bit, then a belt drum heater may be the item he or she expects you to bring back.

How This Information Helps You Decide Which Heaters to Choose/Use

Now that you know the difference between these two types of drum heaters and when they might be used, you should be able to select the heaters you need. If you still are unsure, consider the time of year, the temperatures outdoors, the contents of the drums that the heaters will be warming, and type of drums too (i.e., metal versus industrial plastic). These factors will also help you decide which heaters to choose, use and bring back to the boss.