3 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Scaffolding System For Your Construction Business

Every construction business needs a reliable scaffolding system to make work easier and keep employees safer while on the job site. Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a new scaffolding system for your construction business:

Utilization Locations

It's crucial to consider where you'll be setting up and utilizing your new scaffolding in the coming years. What kinds of construction jobs do you complete most often, and what kind of landscape are those projects usually completed on? Do you expect to utilize the scaffolding system in a variety of landscape types as time goes on?

If you plan to work on steady ground most of the time, you can stick with a ground-supported system. But if you suspect you'll be working on uneven, soft, or otherwise dangerous ground, it's a good idea to choose a suspended system instead. If you'll be working in various types of landscapes, choose a scaffolding system that features both ground and suspension support.

Future Expansion Needs

The need to expand in the future is another important aspect to consider when choosing a new scaffolding system to use in your construction business. You may only serve residential customers now, but if your business grows in the coming years and you start serving commercial customers, there is a good chance that you will need to expand your scaffolding system in order to meet your building needs.

Make sure that the scaffolding system you invest in is expandable so you don't end up having to purchase an entirely new system as your construction business grows. You should be able to add extra support, expand the overall length of your system, and adjust the platform width when necessary.

Ongoing Financial Protection

You should also consider the kind of financial protection you'll receive if your scaffolding system were to break down or suffer a malfunction at any time in the future. If something goes wrong due to a manufacturer's error or malfunction, you should not have to pay for the repairs or to replace your system out of pocket.

Your new scaffolding system should come with a manufacturer's warranty at the very least. You may even be able to purchase an extended warranty that will help cover the costs of break downs due to wear and tear as your system ages.

Schedule an appointment with your local scaffolding provider, like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co., to learn more about the specific options that are available to you and your business.