Need A Better Solution For Buying Cleaning Products For Your Commercial Property? Find A Chemical Distribution Company Fast

Purchasing all the cleaning supplies and janitorial items you need for your commercial property from one place can be the easiest and most affordable option for business. If you are overwhelmed with your commercial property supply needs, and your cleaning service recommends buying all your products from a bulk chemical supplier, it's time to make the change.

You can get regular deliveries, high-quality items, and items in bulk. You won't be shopping all the time or waiting in lines at wholesale stores. Talk to a performance chemical company about the following things.

Product Options

Talk with the chemical companies about the different products you use throughout the month, or a cleaning service uses, and see if you can bulk order these things:

  • Hand soap for soap dispensers
  • Floor cleaning chemicals
  • Antibacterial agents for surfaces
  • Window cleaner
  • Specialty bathroom cleaning products

Shopping for small individual containers or even large containers at a local wholesale store is a waste of money and time. Instead, get the larger bulk items.

Ask About Refill Savings

Some companies will offer a discounted rate if you refill the products that you order in the original packaging. This saves the chemical company money, and it helps to preserve recyclable items. Or they will ask that you send back the containers and they refill your old unit and send it out to another client. This could save you money and help the planet at the same time.

Janitorial Supply Needs

The chemical supply company may offer other items for purchase to invest in, like these items used for cleaning:

  • Cart to roll supplies around
  • Trash cans or recycling bins
  • Dry items, like toilet paper and paper towel
  • Brooms, mops, and dusters

If you are also in need of these items, look through the catalog or online shopping site to add them to your order.

When looking at different companies find one that ensures fast delivery of the items, and that offers free or low-cost shipping when you have a large bulk order. This way you can save on the shipping costs and you know that the products you need will be there fast.

If you have been trying to buy the cleaning supplies your business needs at local stores and you aren't getting them in bulk quantities, you are wasting money and time. This is also a waste of space to store multiple containers and products. Instead, find a chemical company and get all your needs addressed at once.