Three Things You Should Know About Your Company's Unwanted Wooden Pallets

If you receive a lot of shipments to your business on pallets, there is a good chance that these pallets accumulate over time. This takes up a lot of space on your property. Even if you reuse these pallets to ship out your finished products, you may have leftover pallets. Of course, you may also have an issue with broken pallets that have no longer have a use. The following are a few things you should know about your leftover and junk pallets.

You may not be able to send them to a landfill

Many jurisdictions no longer allow pallets to be sent to a landfill, and if you have just started using pallets, you may not be aware of this. Even if you are still able to send them to the local landfill, this may change in the near future. The reason for this is that pallets are made of wood, and this is a material that is 100 percent recyclable. Granted, wood is biodegradable, but since it can be reused, it is being wasted sitting deep in a landfill. For this reason, laws are being passed to ensure that wood pallets are being recycled.

There are businesses that specialize in pallet removal

There are companies that will pick up a variety of pallet sizes and take them away for you. The cost of you doing this with your own employees can be expensive. You might have an issue with finding the right trucks to haul them away, and you will still need a place to dump the pallets. It is much simpler to get an estimate for having it all done by a pallet recycling business. They will look at how big the job is, and quote you a price. They will arrive with their trucks, have their workers load the pallets, and take them to a recycling facility.

Your company is helping the environment

Resources are limited, and many businesses are doing their best to recycle. When you have your pallets taken away for recycling, there are many ways this contributes to the environment. The junk wood can be broken down and used for wood stoves, or made into small wood chips for landscaping. When possible, some of these pallets may be repaired and used again. The entire recycling process begins when you call for a pallet pickup from a recycling company.

If you use pallets, you are likely to have a surplus of them that are building up on your company's property. The problem is deciding what to do with them. Using a landfill is becoming less of an option. Your best solution might be to call a pallet recycling company to haul them away. They will load them and take them away. Your wood pallets will be reused for other things, or recycled to help the environment.

For more information on pallet recycling, contact a local company.