The Top Restaurant Equipment Needed To Open A Pizza Restaurant

If you are opening a pizza restaurant, you should have some of the best restaurant equipment to create flavorful pizzas that your customers will enjoy eating. While you may need lots of equipment to prepare and make the items on your menu, certain items are must-haves for any pizza place.

1. Large Commercial Pizza Oven

The critical piece of equipment for any pizza restaurant is a commercial pizza oven. It is good to have a large oven with plenty of space for multiple pizzas because you might need to bake quite a few of them simultaneously. There are tons of great commercial pizza ovens to choose from, including brick-style ovens, wood-fired ovens, and even impinger ovens. Before buying a specific one to put in the restaurant and use to bake your fresh pizzas, get more information on how these options work. Some people prefer the taste of pizza that comes from a brick oven while others have different preferences. If you research what the pizza will look and taste like when coming out of different ovens, you can decide which commercial pizza oven is the best one to invest in for your pizza business.

2. Compact Countertop Slice Warmers

While you may sell whole pizza pies, you might also let your customers purchase pizza by the slice. This is a great option for when customers want to grab and go instead of dining in at your restaurant. If you plan to sell large slices for customers to eat, you should have countertop slice warmers. You can put several different slices inside the countertop slice warmers to keep them fresh and hot when someone comes in and decides to purchase a few of them. Besides keeping the pizza slices warm, the countertop slice warmers put the pizza out on display, enticing people to grab more options than they might have initially visited your pizza restaurant to get.

3. Layered Mobile Cart to Use For Dough Storage

Invest in a layered mobile cart to have a place to put your dough. When you have customers putting in orders for all kinds of pizzas of all different sizes, you need to prepare plenty of dough in advance. A layered mobile cart will come with multiple shelves for dough storage. You can move the cart with the dough around to several parts of the kitchen without stress or mess because of the wheels on the bottom of the cart.

4. Spacious Stand Mixer

Use a stand mixer to blend both wet and dry ingredients to make custom dough for your pizza pies. You may have decided that you will offer different dough variations for your customers to pick from, including cheese-stuffed, garlic, and jalapeno dough. If so, you will spend a lot of time using a stand mixer, so you need to choose a durable and reliable one. Many commercial stand mixers come with guards attached to them to keep the contents from spilling while protecting those operating the mixer. Although large enough to create quite a bit of dough for you to prepare multiple pizzas, the stand mixers are still compact and will usually fit on a countertop inside the restaurant.

Open a pizza place with the proper restaurant equipment that will make it easy for you to prepare delicious food. You can buy high-quality commercial equipment from a commercial kitchen equipment supplier that offers some of the best deals on essential appliances and supplies for pizza restaurants. The supplier should have all the items needed to open and run a pizza place, along with any extra equipment that you might want to get to prepare appetizers and other great treats inside your restaurant. Contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier to learn more.