A Comprehensive Guide To Picking A Suitable Tub Grinder For Your Facility

Today, experts use tub grinders to reduce the size of numerous material piles into smaller fragments. Some of the items processed by these machines include asphalt shingles, used tires, and wood. But, generally, tub grinding systems are primarily used to shatter wood waste, trees, and vegetative debris during land-clearing projects. Therefore, this equipment is a good fit for land-clearing service providers and independent farmers. If your facility or farm needs a tub grinder, the tips below will help you pick the best device. 

1.       Horsepower 

Farmer and log-processing companies need different tub grinding machines for one main reason: production size. If you need a higher output, go with a grinder packed with more power, and vice versa. In addition, you should tackle more extensive materials using tub grinding equipment with more horsepower. You shouldn't rely on an inferior machine when your production rates demand something powerful because that will cause unnecessary delays. However, note that there are determiners of a grinder's performance besides horsepower. These include the size, hardness, or moisture content of the processed material, the grinder screen's size, and your feeding speed. 

2.       Remote control features 

Modern tub grinders have remote control features that manage aspects like emergency stopping and forward or reverse movements. The emergency stop function is essential in averting situations likely to cause injuries to workers or damage to the equipment and undermine work in progress. Plus, remote-controlled forward and backward movements enhance maneuverability. You may also find a tub grinding device equipped with remote-controlled conveyors. You can use that to either turn on or switch off this component as feeding demands.

3.       Loading mechanism

When shopping for tub grinders, you can choose a system with an inherent loader or a machine without a loading mechanism. Technicians refer to a grinder's loading mechanism as a mounted grapple. The grapple loader is a unique bucket often attached to an arm rotating on an axis. Using a grinding device with this mechanism is highly advisable because it cuts labor requirements and ensures that workers are at a safe distance from the grinder and the materials undergoing loading. Moreover, most powerful tub grinders use versatile mounted grapple devices designed to effectively load all kinds of materials. On top of that, a machine equipped with a loading component saves you from spending hefty sums purchasing additional equipment like cranes and excavators.

4.       Tub size 

As the name suggests, tub grinders have unique infeed hoppers that resemble large round tubs. A large tub is easier to feed and therefore ideal in application with high production speed or rate. Moreover, the tub base's size should also influence your decision. The reason is the tub base is determines how much materials get to the hammermill. A broader tub base allows more materials to reach the hammermill for processing, speeding up delivery.     

To shop for a tub grinder system, check it out at a supplier near you.