OCTG Coatings — Benefits Of Having Them Set Up Professionally On Oilfield Pipelines

If your company relies on oilfield pipelines, it's important to keep them in great condition for a long time. You can then avoid expensive repairs and inconvenient replacements. Fortunately, OCTG coatings can help you improve the longevity of said pipes because they make pipes rust-proof. Just make sure you hire a professional to put these coatings on oilfield pipelines. There are several good reasons why.

Recommend the Appropriate OCTG Coating

There are a number of OCTG coatings that can be applied to oilfield pipes to make them more durable and rust-resistant. If you've never dealt with these coatings before, you probably don't know which coating to go with. In that case, just work with a professional installer.

They can help you choose the appropriate OCTG coating based on what material your oilfield pipes are made from, how they're used, and the environment that they're around. Once this proper selection is made, the installer can successfully set up the coating and ensure your oilfield pipes don't easily break down over time. 

Thoroughly Treat Pipes First

Before an OCTG coating is applied to your oilfield pipelines, the pipes need to be treated first. For instance, they need to be cleaned so that the coating applies in an effective manner. When you hire a professional to set these coatings up, they will treat pipes thoroughly before they're coated. They will use products that don't harm the oilfield pipes.

Apply the Right Number of Coats

Another important thing to get right when putting OCTG coatings on oilfield pipes — making them rust-proof  — is putting the right amount of coats on them. If you're off, even just slightly, oilfield pipes can still degrade and rust can develop over time.

That's why it's so important to let a professional apply these coats to your oilfield piping. They'll know exactly how many coats will be necessary based on where your pipes will be used and how they're expected to break down over time. 

If you plan to put OCTG coatings on oilfield pipes to ensure they don't fall victim to rust easily, then you have the ability to let a professional set these coatings up. This may be for the best because they can help you choose the right coating and set it up in an effective manner quickly. 

Reach out to a company in your area for more information about services like applying OCTG coatings